How it works

This page provides a short guide to my work flow, so that you know how I process each of my translation projects and what you can expect when working with me.

Workflow process:

You send me your enquiry via email, social media, telephone or whichever suits you best. Please attach your documents along with information about volume and deadline, so that I can let you know right away if I can take it on.
If I have availability, I need to know more details. We’ll briefly discuss your organisation, your goals, target audience and required language register. If you haven’t sent me your text yet, I’ll ask you to do so. Also, if you have brand/style guides, any glossaries or other reference materials for me to follow, please send them, too.
After reviewing your text I’ll issue you a detailed quote including your individual requirements, time and date of delivery and payment terms. Once we agree on the terms in writing, our contract takes effect.
Now I can get started on your project. Depending on the length of your document, I’ll read through it and research the subject/terminology or contact you to clarify any questions. For longer documents I’ll do this on the go, but I always aim to send you my questions as early on as possible to give you plenty of time to reply.
Quality assurance
After finishing the translation I’ll thoroughly proofread and edit it to make sure everything is according to your needs. I use my own step-by-step system to systematically work through the whole document to ensure it’s free from grammar, spelling and terminology errors.
Once everything is completed, I’ll send you the translation via email in the agreed file format and wait for your confirmation of receipt.
Should you have any queries or need adjustments, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch. I’ll do the changes for you as quickly as possible.
After you accepted the translation in writing, I’ll send you the invoice indicating the payment methods and time frame agreed upon.
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