English to German Translation Services for

Sailing, Yachting and Marine Equipment

Sailing & motor yachts, yacht charter, parts & equipment, cruising & racing, cruise lines

Website content, blog articles, newsletters, press releases

Product brochures, manuals, technical specifications

Magazine articles, catalogues, text books, teaching material

Business collateral, customer correspondence, mobile apps

Marine translations for the yachting and shipping industry

As with any other industry sector, the world of boating and shipping is characterised by its very own specialist language. If you want to bring your products to the German market, it is vital that these technical terms are correctly rendered, so that you can maintain your professional business presence and your products are safe and easy to use.

As a boater and qualified yacht skipper myself, I’m familiar with the peculiarities of the nautical language. Thus I can offer you peace of mind that translation mishaps are now a thing of the past and that your business is in the hands of someone who, out of personal interest, has your success at heart.

I work with all areas of the boating/shipping sector:

  • Power and sail boats of all sizes, from dinghies to luxury yachts
  • RIBs and tenders
  • Cruise/cargo ships
  • Unmotorised watersports like kayak, canoe and surfing
  • Accessories of all kinds

My customers include boat builders, equipment manufacturers, businesses in maritime tourism and book publishers for e.g. nautical teaching material or pilot books.

Projects I have translated include:

  • Owner manuals, marketing brochures, news releases and website content for sailing yachts and power boats
  • Data sheets and brochures for ropes and cordage
  • Website content for yacht charter businesses and blue cruises
  • Product brochures for ultrasonic anemometers
  • Bay and restaurant guides
Client testimonial

The fact that Berit specializes in boating and yachting made us hire her for a job 2 years ago. She has been part of our collective ever since, we have always been very happy with her work – she has never let us down! She is our German specialist for all boating and yachting translation assignments.”

Dutch Translation Company

Am I the right language partner for you?

We’re a good fit if you value a translator with a background in your specific field, who therefore can ensure accuracy and nautical appeal in the right places when rendering your marketing brochures, technical documentation or boating website into German.

Motivated by my personal interest in boats and boating you can trust that I put every effort and focus on your correct and appropriate market presence and business communications, so that your customers can fully appreciate your products or services.

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