English to German Translation Services for

Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy

Accommodation, food & beverage, air & land travel, cruises, outdoor & adventure, tourism boards, insurance

Website content, blog articles, newsletters, mobile apps

Marketing brochures, magazine articles, holiday catalogues

Travel guides, culinary guides, restaurant menus

Customer correspondence, travel insurance, business collateral

Translations that speak to the heart of your customers

You make travel dreams come true. Online or in print – your business copy wants to engage potential customers on an emotional level that feeds their wanderlust and excitement enough to use your service or make a booking with you. Yet evoking (the desired) emotions from a text is only really possible in the reader’s native language. Therefore, culturally relevant, creative and appealing communication is vital for international success.

Today, the internet has become an essential tool for gathering information and making travel arrangements. People search in their native language on regional search engines. Naturally, your business wants to be listed at the top of the results for the best chances to be clicked on. Once you have visitors on your site, they also expect to find information in their own language. Because whoever doesn’t understand clearly what’s going on, doesn’t generally have the trust to engage in business interactions either.

Consequently, tourism translations are much more complex than it first seems. Not only do they have to touch the reader’s heart, they also have to meet the demands of the internet, including adapted SEO, keywords etc.

With my experience in your sector behind the desk and as a customer, you can rest assured that your documents will not just be translated, but localised for your specific audience taking all cultural and idiomatic issues into consideration. This means you can enjoy the best possible set-up to attract and engage a German audience.

I work with e.g. hotels, lodges, spa resorts, providers of tours and excursions, publishers of travel guides and businesses in nautical and maritime tourism.

Projects I have translated include:

  • Hotel and destination descriptions
  • Customer correspondence and T&Cs for booking websites
  • Website content for e.g. tour operators, immigration or spa businesses
  • Travel apps and business presentations
Client testimonial

“Berit delivered a high quality translation of a quality travel article. The source language was American English and she translated it into German. Since I am a native German myself I can judge the quality of her work – it was excellent. Berit will not hesitate to ask questions in order to translate into a specific style you perhaps need. She is therefore a good communicator who doesn’t leave a lot of question marks before she gets to work. I will certainly hire her again in the future! Thanks, Berit!”


Business owner of motorcycle tour company, China

Am I the right language partner for you?

We’d be a good fit if you value a translator with a background in your industry, who can effectively implement business and client needs alike.

Travelling has been and will continue to be an integral part of my life, and therefore my focus will be on your clients for appeal and relevance, and on you for getting your business set up to be found and to provide a memorable, personalised service.

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