English to German Language Services for

Zoology, Ecology and Animal Husbandry

NGOs, research institutions, science magazines, museums, zoos, aquaria, vet & animal care products

Reports, dissertations, project updates, academic papers

Website content, blog articles, newsletters

Information material, magazine articles, press releases

Product brochures, business collateral, exhibition guides

Science & marketing translations for zoology and conservation

Reports, journal papers, articles, websites, brochures, textbooks, dissertations  – scientific texts are highly complex with a large quantity of specialised terminology and written in their very own specific style. Translating such texts therefore requires a high level of skill and understanding of the subject matter to maintain accuracy and persuasiveness in the new language.

With a PhD in biology including research experience in wildlife ecology and farm animal welfare, my German translation services aim at research institutions, publishers, businesses and organisations in the biosciences as well as the nature conservation, animal husbandry or animal care sectors.

Projects I have translated include:

  • Flipcharts and patient information about joint disorders and infectious diseases in cats and dogs
  • Annual reports, project updates, interviews and website content for global nature conservation NGOs
  • Information and marketing material for aquaria
  • Brochure for specialised horse nutrition and feed supplement products
Client testimonial

“We hired Berit because of her knowledge in biology/zoology that we needed for our SEA Life projects. She is a pleasure to work with; always precise and puts all her subject matter expertise into her copy, which adds a lot of quality. We particularly enjoy being able to rely on excellent outcomes, on time delivery and her technical advice as a biologist. She always works 100% on brief, understands what is asked and adapts the copy into a natural and flowing German translation.”

Translation agency, UK

Am I the right language partner for you?

I’m the right language partner for you if you value a translator with a background in science to ensure the accuracy of your German texts. You can rest assured that my translations will suit your individual requirements, are well-researched and receive special attention to specific terminology and style.

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