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Here I’ll answer some questions you may still have regarding the work flow and logistics of commissioning a translation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, get in touch directly and I’m happy to answer all your questions!

FAQ Berit Kostka English to German translations

No, Berit Kostka Translations is not a translation agency. I am a self-employed translator providing the same kind of service a translation agency does.

A translation agency assigns you to a Project Manager who will outsource your text to a third-party translator and therefore mainly acts as an intermediary. They may or may not have access to a suitably trained translator in your field, and essentially you will have no control over who handles your documents in which manner. On the other hand, if you need translations in many languages at the same time, a translation agency can offer you a one-stop-shop.

Your advantage of working with a solopreneur like me is that I am your only point of contact and translate your texts all myself, which means the communication is much more swift, your documents are treated as strictly confidential and you have greater flexibility should you wish to change/add something in your project. If  you require just a couple other languages I can collaborate with trusted colleagues, and to ensure the best quality I only take on projects within my areas of expertise.

No, I don’t translate into English. I only translate into my mother tongue, which is German. The reason behind this is that while I probably could translate into English, it would certainly never sound like a native English speaker has written the text. And the whole point of you investing in a professional translation is to make sure your text doesn’t sound like a translation and was crafted by a native speaker to ensure the biggest impact with the local audience.

This depends mainly on how full my schedule is, how long your text is and how fast you need it back. In some cases I can give priority to your text for a bit of a surcharge, if timing allows.

You will receive the translated text in the same file format that you gave to me, i.e. a word file will be a word file, .rtf will be .rtf etc. I’ll try to conserve your original format as best as I can, if it is simple, it will be identical. The file will be sent to you via email, unless we agree on another way of delivery.

I’m all for making payments as easy as possible. Therefore I offer payment with PayPal or wire transfer, due 30 days after invoicing. Please be aware though that I’ll add the general fees for PayPal and bank charges for transfers in any other currency than Euro.

If you are not happy with my translation, I hope we can fix it! Please provide me with detailed feedback about each point you disagree with (e.g. highlight it and comment in the text before sending it back to me) so that I can either explain my choice or discuss your preferences with you. My goal is to give you a translation that you are 100% happy with, and constructive feedback and discussion will help in achieving this.

That depends! Just like you probably like to relax over the weekend, I also cherish my spare time and enjoy some rest. But if you need something really urgently over the weekend and I have time to do it, I may be able to help for a surcharge.

No problem. Of course you can cancel your order at any time. However, if I already started working on it, I’ll invoice you for any work completed up to this point.

No, I don’t offer DTP services. But if you require them I can either work on your text as a tandem with a trusted colleague of mine who does, or I can put you in touch with him directly so that you can discuss your needs in detail with him.

You can either browse my website further, particularly also the pages specific to your subject matter or feel free to drop me a line and ask me directly! I’m always happy to answer your questions or try to help in any other way. If you send your question to me I can also add it to this FAQ section. This way you can help out anyone else with the same question.

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