English to German Translations

for More Relevance in the German Market

Attract more buyers and grow your business internationally.

With authentic and efficient communications in your clients' language.


Expanding on my knowledge as a biologist, yacht skipper and former tourism employee I translate exclusively for the maritime, tourism and biology sectors. If your business is also at home in those industries, we might be a good fit! You can click on the icons to find out more about my subject-specific experience and how I can help you.


Translation is much more than just exchanging words between language A and language B. Improving readability is only one aspect of a translation. The benefits of a professional translation go much deeper – it renders the meanings and ideas behind the words as well as preserves the personality of your business.

As a result, it also offers the following benefits, which are essential for a thriving business:

Improved SEO performance on local search engines

A larger audience and increased brand awareness

Products and services that are easy to understand, buy and use

Strengthened trust in your business and more potential customers


I help you communicate your brand value to your German-speaking

audience to increase credibility, relevance and business leads

Expanding internationally is one of the most exciting yet daunting things you can do as a business owner. Having, for example, a multilingual online presence means even more exposure for your business and is ultimately a very cost-effective way to improve awareness of your products or services.

With my background as a biologist, skipper and former tourism employee combined with relevant translation experience in those subject areas you can relax in the knowledge that you will receive German communications crafted to set you up with the solid linguistic foundation you need to achieve your goals in the German market.

I create fully bespoke translations that instill trust and inspire your customers to do business with you.

Technical & Science Translations

Accurate, specialist translation of e.g. user manuals, technical specifications, scientific publications. The translation will stay close to the original and preserve important facts and procedures.

Localisation & Marketing Translations

Cultural adaptation of websites and marketing materials to help you inform and sell. The translation may sway from the original to preserve message and mood of your text, yet make it meaningful to your German audience.

Proofreading & Editing Services

The finishing touches to your translation: Have it checked for grammar and spelling mistakes only or add another level of quality assurance to ensure correctness, consistency and flow.

Client Testimonial

“Berit is a translator with a highly professional attitude and work ethic. We will definitely make use of her services again in the future.”

Luzinda Ackermann, Indigo Language Solutions

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