Hello! My name is Berit.

I help you to clearly communicate your value to your German audience and avoid cultural and linguistic hiccups that can cost time and money and damage your reputation.

You need  a relevant, trusted presence in the German market. Let’s work together to build you one.


I help you get noticed, be more relevant and credible to turn indifferent or confused prospects into paying customers

Clear communication is the nuts and bolts of any business, and you’ve worked hard to get your marketing and business communication to really speak to your home market. In a new country and new culture, achieving the same success involves more than just changing the language. In the end, you want to stand out and be trusted as much as you are at home. To transfer your brand positioning in a meaningful way you need to adjust to a different business culture with different priorities and expectations regarding your message.

And this is where I come in: I help you continue your success or start off on the right foot in the German market by ensuring that you are speaking to your German audience exactly how your brand intends to, adjusted to their cultural and linguistic needs so that they can understand how you can help them and you won’t lose any more sales.

Or how former German chancellor Willy Brandt once said: “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. But if I’m buying, dann müssen Sie deutsch sprechen.”

I want for you to:

Be more noticeable and stand out from your competition so that you can improve your brand awareness and encourage sales

Create a deeper connection with your German audience so that you can offer more value and increase customer satisfaction

Receive glowing reviews and business referrals from your German clients so that you can enjoy a growing business in the German market


Berit has done an excellent job in providing our company with translation services. She handled all projects efficiently and on time and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking German translations”

Customer Experience Agent, Yacht Charter Company, Greece


Combining language skills and education in all my working fields so that you can relax and get on with running your business

Juggling an expansion to international markets can be a real headache. Bridging the linguistic and cultural differences correctly is only one aspect, but I’m here to take at least this part off your plate so that you can focus on all the other things you have to get done.

This is how I can make your life easier:

German native speaker

Born and raised in Germany, I only translate into my mother tongue and am intimately familiar with the local culture. This means I can render idioms and nuances in your texts in a way that speaks to your German audience.

Background in your industry

As a sailor, biologist and former employee in the tourism sector, we share a common base for an efficient collaboration where you know that your terminology is safe and your texts adapted to the needs of your German market.

Academically trained researcher

Your reputation is top my priority. And while I am familiar with your field, there is always some research to do. As a trained scientist, I thrive on finding and using reliable sources to get the words exactly right for you.

Personal, bespoke service

I’m your only contact from start to finish. I’m also the one who translates your texts. This is how I can guarantee you confidentiality and offer prompt responses to queries, more flexibility and greater involvement in the process.

Translation technology

No, not the free online kind. I use special translation software that ensures all your terminology stays consistent and that speeds up the work process by supporting glossaries, translation memories and file formatting.

Easy payment methods

We all want the paperwork out of the way quickly and get on with more important/enjoyable things. This is why I offer easy payment methods – PayPal or wire transfer. You choose.

Is this something I can help you with?

Excellent communication, delivery on time, professional translation. We will work with Berit in the future.”

Lina Valientiené, Project Manager, Baltic Translations, Lithuania

Professional bio

Born and raised in Germany, I studied biology in Germany and England majoring in animal behaviour and ecology. After graduating with an MSc (German University Diploma) and a 2-month research stay in South Africa, I proceeded to work as a research assistant in Germany and Tanzania studying spotted hyaenas. Following my passion for animals and nature I went on to complete a PhD in Northern Ireland on Eurasian badgers.

I also enjoyed altogether two years of industry exposure in the tourism sector. After working in the catering (UK), sailing charter (Turkey) and hotel business (Canada) as well as completing a certificate as a horseback wilderness guide (also Canada), I rounded this experience off with a diploma in tourism studies.

Altogether I thus spent 10 consecutive years living and working in English speaking countries, during which I honed my skills in the use of professional and colloquial English and also gained detailed insight into the respective cultures.

And the sailing?

Sailing is a hobby of mine, which I’m very passionate about. I started sailing around 15 years ago on cruising yachts. But the sailing bug really bit when I worked as a flotilla crew for a sailing charter company for three months. The skipper really taught me the ropes, and later I had the opportunity to gain some blue water experience crewing on a delivery from France to Croatia. In Northern Ireland I got into dinghy sailing, which I then very actively pursued in a local sailing club. Over the years I became qualified with various sailing and powerboat certificates up to Coastal Skipper (the German equivalent, SKS) and also hold a qualification as a dinghy sailing instructor (from the RYA, England).

At a glance

Full-time translator since 2014

Diploma in Tourism Studies 2016

PhD Biology 2012

Dinghy Sailing Instructor Certificate 2011

Coastal Skipper Certificate 2009

6 years as research biologist

2 years in tourism

>3000 NM sailed

35 countries visited

5 continents travelled

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