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Do you want to reach the German market and are looking for a translator who understands your industry?

So that you can be sure that your business is in safe hands?

I can help you. My specialist German marketing, science and technical translations are based on education, training and practical experience in your field of work.

This means we share common ground that creates more trust, more efficiency and reduces risk. At the same time, you will have peace of mind that your translated texts will be technically sound and carefully crafted to be a direct reflection of your commitment to quality.

English to German freelance translator

Open your doors to a new market with new readers, new clients and new opportunities!

Improve SEO performance on regional search engines

Reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness

Make products and services easy to understand, buy and use

Strengthen trust and customer confidence in your business

“Berit is a translator with a highly professional attitude and work ethic. We will definitely make use of her services again in the future.”

Luzinda Ackermann, Indigo Language Solutions, South Africa

What counts is authenticity.

Growing your business internationally is exciting, yet can also be quite daunting. You perfected your brand voice to resonate with your local target audience and built a reputation that sets you apart.

To continue your success abroad, your business needs to safely transfer its message and all idiomatic nuances into the new language in order to connect with the new audience in just the same way. And doing so can be more complicated than it first seems.

Cultural hiccups and unreadable content can cost you money, waste time, hurt your reputation and slow down sales.

The most efficient and reliable way to get translations that bring a favourable return on investment is working with a language partner who is not only familiar with the culture and use of language in your target market, but who also is knowledgeable about your industry and audience.


Here is how I can help you achieve your goals in the German market:


Accurate, specialist translation of e.g. user manuals, technical specifications, scientific publications. The translation will stay close to the original and preserve important facts and procedures.


Cultural adaptation of websites and marketing materials to help you inform and sell. The translation may sway from the original to preserve message and mood of your text, yet make it meaningful to your German audience.

Proofreading & Editing

The finishing touches to your translation: Have it checked for grammar and spelling mistakes only or add another level of quality assurance to ensure correctness, consistency and flow.


✓ Relevant industry experience and terminology skills

✓ German native speaker

✓ Trained researcher

This is what my clients choose to invest in, because it gives them peace of mind that their jargon stays correct, the communication and translation process is swift and all necessary research will be conducted using correct and trustworthy sources.

Here is how I can make your life easier:

Specialist knowledge

My background in your industry sets us up with a solid base for an efficient collaboration to effectively transfer your terminology and brand to the German market.

German native speaker

I only translate into my mother tongue, which means I can render idioms and nuances in your texts in a way that resonates with your German audience.

Excellent research skills

Your reputation is top priority. My academic research education ensures that I use reliable sources and make informed decisions to get things just right for you.

One point of contact

You’ll talk only with me from start to finish. This gives you more flexibility, greater involvement in the process and guaranteed confidentiality.

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