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Sailing & Maritime

Blue Mediterranean sailboat sailing in perfect ocean at San Antonio cape

Transfer the unique atmosphere of this sport to your German audience!

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Biology & Conservation

A little harvest mouse on a poppy seed head

Inspire your readers to protect and care for nature in their own language.

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Travel & Tourism

Tunis, Tunisia

Captivate your customers with your materials adapted to their culture.

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Do you want to boost your impact with German-speaking customers?

Then let’s talk about your specific requests and requirements.

Increase efficiency & value for money
As a freelance translator and your only point of contact I can offer you a streamlined process at fair market prices without agency overheads.
Choose quality & maintain your credibility
With my knowledge as a biologist, enthusiastic sailor and avid traveller I deliver high quality language services that also reflect the quality of your brand.
Increase trust & customer service
Understanding your product, service or purpose is the first step for your clients towards an enjoyable and strong customer relationship with your business.
Enjoy success & greater revenue
A professional presentation in your clients' own language and tailored to their cultural needs will boost your business' potential to flourish in a foreign market.

About me

  • Why work with me?
  • Who am I?
  • What is my motivation?

I help you present your business in a culturally relevant way

Language and culture have a major impact on consumer buying behaviour. If given the choice, 72% of global consumers prefer to buy a product with information given in their own language (source: Rosetta Stone). Therefore, avoiding cultural or terminology mishaps in your international market presence is crucial if you want to make your message resonate with your potential customers, to maintain your professionalism and credibility and thus leave a lasting impression – and successfully grow your business.

I help you achieve this with translations and localisations of your content that retain the quality of your brand and deliver the intended effect to your prospects, taking all cultural needs into consideration. This way you have the best possible set-up to win over your German audience and to boost your engagement, sales – and ultimately revenue.

We share the same passion

To ensure highest quality I work exclusively within my three areas of specialisation and draw on my education and hands-on experience in my fields of expertise. This allows me to present your articles, web content, books or guides in exactly the way they are intended to sound for your specific market. The ultimate benefit to you is my passion for my areas of expertise and thus also for your business. This means for you, that I will naturally strive for delivering the best work and give it the attention it deserves. You can leave it to me to captivate your audience and help you grow your following, while you focus on preparing other aspects of your business for success.

To date I have worked with translation agencies as well as direct clients such as NGOs, online travel agencies, yacht charter companies, tour operators… all businesses and organisations that care for nature and aim at delivering memorable experiences to their clients.

A biologist, sailor, outdoor and travel enthusiast using her professional and language skills as a translator.

Hello, my name is Berit Kostka, and I am an English-German translator. But I am also a qualified biologist (PhD), a yacht skipper, a seasoned traveller and have work experience in the tourism industry.

Born and raised in Germany, I studied biology in Germany and England focussing on animal behaviour and ecology. After working as a research assistant in South Africa, Germany and Tanzania, I completed a PhD in Northern Ireland studying Eurasian badgers. As a front line employee in the catering (UK), sailing charter (Turkey) and hotel business (Canada) as well as during completion of a training course as a horse-trekking wilderness guide (Canada) I also enjoyed altogether two years of industry exposure in the tourism sector. Altogether I thus spent 10 years working and living in English speaking countries, during which I honed my skills in the use of professional and colloquial English and also gained detailed insight into the respective cultures.

For the last two years I have been offering my professional skills, language proficiency and cultural awareness to help businesses grow their success with their German audience.

If you want people to engage with you and your business, you have to make it as easy as possible for them by presenting your offers in their language. Properly.

But I also translate, because

  • I want to save businesses the embarrassment of badly translated materials that leave readers bemused at best and offended at worst.
  • I want your business or organisation to have the best possible set-up to win over a German audience.
  • I get excited about new materials in my areas of expertise and can’t wait to dive in and deliver the best possible translation every time.
  • I love being my own boss. It means that I am the only person responsible for my actions, and my reputation matters to me! Therefore I always strive for the highest quality of service by putting just as much care into each project as you did when you compiled it.
What's in it for you?

Improving relationships with existing clients is not an easy task, and reaching out to a foreign market is even harder. This is where I come in: I can help you make a meaningful connection with your German audience.

Working with me not only gives you appropriately translated and edited material from my in-depth knowledge of the source and target languages and cultures. You will also benefit from my hands-on working experience in all my areas of translation specialisation, so you can be sure I know what I’m talking about!

In addition, I have never delivered any of my projects late. I don’t like delays, so you will not get your documents late, either. A timely service is my guarantee to you.

My experience and skills
  • More than 1.000.000 words translated in my working areas
  • Fully fluent English skills from living and working 10 years in English-speaking countries
  • PhD in Biology and work experience as a research assistant
  • Coastal skipper certificate for sailing yachts plus 3000 NM on the water experience, dinghy sailing instructor certificate
  • Industry involvement in tourism and catering businesses
  • Professional indemnity insurance

Your advantage
  • Highest quality from working exclusively in areas I am passionate about, educated and experienced in
  • Familiarity with your industry, from the business point AND the customer’s point of view
  • Knowledge of the necessary terminology and required stylistic specifications
  • Memberships in translator associations and adherence to professional codes of conduct as well as commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Your benefits
  • No delay in pursuing your business goals
  • Brand consistency to maintain your professionalism and credibility
  • Accurate translations that will be just as captivating and inspiring as your original and adapted to the specific needs of your readership
  • Larger audience for your product or service, better SEO with regional search engines, greater brand awareness, increased market size and customer confidence and higher potential revenue through increased customer retention

Continuing Professional Development sessions (selection)

  • SEO in Tourism Translation – webinar 2016
  • Translation for environmental organizations – webinar 2015
  • Translation for environmental organizations: Part II Terminology – webinar 2015
  • Translation for food industry: General overview – webinar 2015
  • Proofreading your work efficiently and effectively – webinar 2015
  • Translation for food industry: Part II Terminology – webinar 2015
  • Translation in Travel & Tourism: Is it really that simple? – webinar 2014

Reach out to more than 95 million German speakers worldwide!

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My approach & quality assurance

My focus is on building strong relationships with my clients by providing an outstanding service experience and end product. I want to achieve this by being approachable, responsive, proactive and last but not least also by knowing my limits. When working with me, I want you to enjoy a smooth and efficient project turnaround, so that you can concentrate on taking your business further on your path to success.

Or more simply put: I want to make 100% of my clients happy!

Your one-stop-shop
As a one (wo)man band you will only be in contact with me, from the first consultation through to the project aftercare. I also do not outsource any work, because only I know if I can comfortably handle a project and give it the attention it deserves.
Specialisation for highest quality
I only accept projects in my areas of expertise, which I translate into my mother tongue German. I always strive for the best possible translation, conduct all necessary research myself and put all projects through a strict QA process.
Communication is the key to success
Cooperation always produces the best results. As your language service partner I work closely with you to clarify any questions early on and include any additional requests so that the end product follows your individual requirements exactly.
No ugly surprises!
Your translation will be priced according to factors such as subject area, complexity, volume, delivery date and intended use/readership. You will receive an all-inclusive package quote, which you can easily incorporate into your budgeting.

Join my other happy clients!

Here is what they say:

Berit is a translator with a highly professional attitude and work ethic. We will definitely make use of her services again in the future.

Lina Valentinienė
Project manager, Baltic Translations, Lithuania

I got a great English-German translation from Berit before the deadline. It was flawless, from both the language and the SEO point of view, and according to rather complex instructions. Berit did more about my project than what I expected, handling every minor detail of the translation with professionalism and delivering ahead of time. I’m really glad she was on the job! Communicating with her was very easy. I won’t look for another German-English translator, should I ever need one.

Nikos Kontonatsios
Project manager, Website for taxi tour company, Greece

Berit has done an excellent job in providing our company with translation services. She handled all projects efficiently and on time and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking German translations.

Customer Experience Agent, Website content for yacht charter company, Greece

She was fun to work with and absulety great at her work. She finished before time. I’ll look forward to work with Berit again.

Project manager, Boat descriptions for Blue Cruise website, Turkey

Berit is great, probably one of our best translators. Always very punctual and was great at using common sense and asking questions when she thought something could be said better, and always addressed errors we the content team may have made too. Even when she was on holiday she would always offer to do urgent work when she could. Nothing bad to say about Berit at all!

Francesca Cobbett
Content Manager, Website content and correspondence for online travel platform, England

Berit delivered a high quality translation of a quality travel article. The source language was American English and she translated it into German. Since I am a native German myself I can judge the quality of her work – it was excellent. Berit will not hesitate to ask questions in order to translate into a specific style you perhaps need. She is therefore a good communicator who doesn’t leave a lot of question marks before she gets to work. I will certainly hire her again in the future! Thanks, Berit!

Owner, Article for motorcycle tour agency, China

It was a great pleasure to have worked with Berit. I would sincerely recommend her services.

Project manager, Translation agency, South Africa

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